Bonmach-Tapered Rock Drill Button Bit Manufacturer

11°Tapered Drill Bits

Higher drilling efficiency
Long service life
Better powder-discharge
Better wear-resistance and impact-resistance
Easier bit-back performance
Wholesale in worldwide
MOQ: 50pcs each type
11°Tapered Drill Bits

Tapered rock drill bits or taper rock button bits are widely used in Hole-forming operation for Metal mine, Quarry, Tunneling, Hydro-electrical engine, Blasting etc.
Bonmach is one of the leading manufacturer of rock tools in China, we produce high quality and stability rock drill bit with advanced technology, select impact resistance and wear resistance carbide buttons and finish forged steel body, to provide the sharpest and best rock drill tools for various rock type and working condition.
Bonmach’s tapered rock drill button bits include mining rock drill bit series and tunneling tapered button bit series. We use cold molding technics, finish forged Steel NO. 42CrMo with Hardness: 42HRC as the body,  Carbide button material NO.: GF20G,GF20B with Hardness 90.3HRA-90.4HRA for all the small tapered rock drill button bits. Bonmach’s button bits have the feature high drilling efficiency, long service lift, better powder-discharge, better wear-resistance and impact-resistance, easier bit-back performance etc.

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