Bonmach-Threaded extension drill rod manufacturer

Threaded Drill Rods

Thread drill rod
Excellent wear-resistance
Long service life
Never broken or tripping
Save rod exchange time
Threaded drill rods
Threaded rock drill rods are widely used in Metal mine, Under-ground mining, Open cut mining, Quarry, Tunneling and so on.

Bonmach's thread drill rods are divided into hydraulic pressure drill rods and R3212 rock drill rods by adaptation equipmeng, or MF thread extension rods and EX thread extension rods by exchange convenience, or normal rock drill pipe and heavy friction welding drill steel by process.

Bonmach's thread drill rod select Steel NO.23CrNi3Mo raw steel, which hardness 52-59 HRC, use advanced friction welding technology, to get better wear-resistance, longer serivce life. It never broken or tripping, so raise efficiency, keep security and decrease cost by reduce rod exchange time.